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Embracing 'one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,' we drive business development with bold, proactive strategies. We are ProLeaper.


We're designed to help you excel


We may be the Crazy Ones but we're also just like you 

From Fortune 500 companies to groundbreaking startups, we've been there. We don't just understand your business challenges – we've lived them.


Over two decades, our team has celebrated victories and learned from setbacks. This experience gives us a deep understanding of what truly drives success. We've been in your shoes, feeling the weight of every decision.

We're a team that thrives on pushing boundaries. We see opportunities where others see walls. This audacity sets us apart, but here's the secret: the drive to innovate and grow is likely burning brightly within you too.


You, as a leader, are already a risk-taker. We're simply here to be your partner, amplifying your vision with our experience.


Let's be 'crazy ones' and achieve something remarkable, together.

Embrace  imagination to grow your business with ProLeaper

At ProLeaper, we believe your company deserves to thrive. We're an agency designed to help you excel in the three areas that define every successful business:

Understanding your company inside and out. We'll help you see the big picture, from the core technologies that power your business to the latest innovations that can give you an edge.

Building strong relationships. You know happy customers are loyal customers. We'll help you forge lasting connections with everyone you work with, from clients and partners to your own team.

Sustainable profitability. We want your business to flourish, year after year. We'll help you make smart decisions to ensure long-term success for you, your employees, and everyone who depends on your company.

It doesn't stop with our core strengths 

Our core strength lies in what we're known for: AI, AR, loyalty, and revenue activation. These award-winning practices make up 70% of our expertise.


But just like any successful business, we're always evolving with our 'other solutions'.


That's why we've recently expanded with a recruitment arm – it's a natural extension of our core services and helps us secure the best talent for ourselves (and potentially, for you too!).


It's all part of our commitment to continuous leaps in business and a bright future, both for us and our clients.

Take huge leaps in your business performance by working with ProLeaper


Dreamers, doers, leaders

ProLeaper's team includes business founders, senior leaders, managers, and talented newcomers.

Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Craig Kinnersley


This is the space to introduce the business’s team and what makes it special.



This is the space to introduce the business’s team and what makes it special.

ProLeaper team have years of business ownership experience

Craig Kinnersley


As a co-founder of ProLeaper, I bring my experience as a former business owner who successfully sold my previous technology company.


I am responsible for developing new business and meeting the needs of our existing clients. While primarily based in our London office, I frequently work from our international offices in Dubai and Austin, Texas.


The definitive place to understand what we are thinking 

The ProLeaper team are not shy about conveying views and opinions, concerning our industry and many other topics.