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Loyalty goes beyond engagement: But 75% get it very wrong

A staggering 75% of loyalty programs fail.   


At ProLeaper, we've helped over 1 billion loyalty program members experience the power of meaningful connections.


We don't just create programs – we build relationships. Our expertise helps you avoid the pitfalls and unlock the true potential of customer and employee loyalty.


75% of traditional loyalty programs fall flat. We asked why? The most common answer is; they treat your customers like one-dimensional figures, ignoring the dynamic reality of their lives.

At ProLeaper, we cracked this code years ago. We don't just build loyalty programs – we aim to build direct and lasting connections.


Our secret weapon? What we call 'LifeStage' data.


LifeStage data goes beyond points and promotional gimmicks. It allows you to truly understand your customers' evolving needs and preferences.  


The result? We create hyper-personalised programs that resonate at every stage of the customer journey. Deeper engagement, stronger loyalty – that's our award-winning philosophy.

75% of loyalty programs fail, ProLeaper know why


The world's most successful loyalty programs share a core set of principles, that we call the Loyalty Equation.


We've spent years analysing these leading loyalty programs, uncovering the foundations they share, irrespective of their marketplace, understanding how they create exceptional, consistent customer engagement and loyalty.


But that's not all, we don't just follow the Loyalty Equation – we infuse it with the transformative power of LifeStage data.


The result? Our loyalty programs and strategies stand out from the crowd, consistently exceeding expectations and leaving the 75% failure rate to the other guys.

ProLeaper loyalty programs and strategies stand out from the crowd


We work with clients in any marketplace - we're omnipresent  

At ProLeaper, we believe loyalty isn't a one-size-fits-all game. That's why we partner with a diverse range of clients across industries – because powerful loyalty programs can fuel growth in almost any business.

We go beyond just strategy. We equip you with the tools you need to succeed. Our cutting-edge SaaS platform technology streamlines deployment, communication, and management of your loyalty program, making it easier than ever to cultivate lasting customer connections.

ProLeaper's loyalty strategy service isn't just about tactics – it's about transformation


ProLeaper's loyalty strategy service isn't just about tactics – it's about transformation. We'll help you build a loyalty program that fosters lasting customer connections and fuels sustainable growth.

Here's what you can expect:

Deep Customer Insights: We delve into your customer data, uncovering the dynamic needs and preferences that define their journey.

LifeStage-Driven Personalisation: Craft personalised experiences that resonate with customers at every stage of their lifecycle.

Loyalty Equation Implementation: The proven framework for building loyalty programs that stand out and deliver results.

Actionable Strategies: Get a clear roadmap for implementing your loyalty program, complete with key metrics to track success.


We empower your strategy with our custom-built SaaS Loyalty Technology Platform and a suite of integrated loyalty apps.


Effortless Program Deployment: Streamline program launch and management with a user-friendly, cloud-based platform.

Seamless Communication: Engage your customers with automated emails, targeted marketing campaigns, and personalised rewards notifications – all within the platform.


Real-Time Data & Analytics: Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and program performance, allowing for continuous optimisation.

Powerful Loyalty Apps: Extend your program's reach and engagement with custom mobile apps or integrate with existing apps your customers already use.


ProLeaper's comprehensive approach combines strategic expertise with industry-leading technology and a focus on mobile engagement.


We don't just create loyalty programs – we build the foundation for sustainable growth and lasting customer connections.

Empower your strategy with ProLeaper's custom-built SaaS Loyalty Technology Platform


Let's get your partners and external stakeholders on board  

At ProLeaper, we understand that a successful loyalty program isn't built in a silo.


That's why we take a collaborative approach, focusing on optimising both your internal strategy and technology development. But we don't stop there.


We recognise the importance of your external partners and stakeholders. Whether it's marketing agencies, technology providers, or other key players, we're committed to working seamlessly with your entire ecosystem.

Our goal? To ensure your loyalty program is a unified force driving engagement and growth.

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