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Other solutions


We offer more solutions than you might imagine

At ProLeaper, we don't just design cutting-edge solutions with AI, AR, Loyalty, and Revenue Generation at their core – we bring them to life.  And that often requires the new talent to manage and operate them.

That's why we offer comprehensive recruitment solutions, ensuring your team has the right people with the right skills to get the most out of our work.

Our Advantage:

Deep Understanding: We understand the intricacies of the roles we create, having architected the technical solutions themselves.

Emotional Intelligence: We go beyond technical expertise, identifying candidates with the emotional intelligence to thrive in dynamic environments.

Flexible Deployment: We manage a mix of on-site and remote contractors, tailoring solutions to your specific needs, both for project delivery and ongoing support.


Permanent Placements: When it comes to long-term success, we leverage our expertise to seamlessly integrate permanent employees into your team, ensuring they effectively drive the solutions forward.

ProLeaper recruitment helps you find contract and permanent staff
Take your recruitment to the next level with ProLeaper recruitment solutions

At ProLeaper, our core expertise lies in AI/AR, Loyalty, and Revenue Generation. But our capabilities extend even further.


We've developed a range of complementary solutions that seamlessly integrate with our core offerings.

Think of them as specialist tools designed to address specific growth opportunities within your business. These solutions are so powerful, they could easily stand alone. Our recruitment practice, for example, could be a business in its own right. 


However, we offer them all on a contingent basis, tailoring them precisely to your unique needs.


Supporting your Success: Tailored recruitment solutions


Seamless. Engaging. Powerful: Your new customer experience.


We craft seamless experiences that captivate customers across all touchpoints.
Human-centered design puts their needs first, while our practical approach delivers real results today.


We don't just dream of the future, we bring it to life today with attractive, achievable results.

Better customer experience design with ProLeaper


Intuitive, instinctive & delivered at precisely the right moment.

Forget one-size-fits-all.
Our interdisciplinary marketing teams craft seamless revenue and brand building experiences across every touchpoint.


From mobile messaging to location-based services - for a truly personalised customer journey.

Interact at the right moment with spend-ready customers through ProLeaper innovation


Our pure marketing solutions lift your brand and product reach


Unearthing customer truths within your data stacks

Customer understanding goes deeper than data points. It's about capturing the "why" behind the "what".  


At ProLeaper, we bridge the gap between human behaviour and data science to deliver powerful insights that fuel real-time decision making.

Harness better quality customer data and insights by working with ProLeaper


We don't just analyze data – we interpret it.


We combine cutting-edge CRM and data integrity practices with a deep understanding of human behaviour, revealing the hidden stories behind the numbers.

Putting these insights to work, fuels everything in your business from staffing to evaluating production runs, to stock planning.


Forget waiting for reports. Our ongoing analysis gives you real-time visibility into customer trends, empowering you to make data-driven decisions in the moment.

ProLeaper doesn't just provide data – we unlock customer truths.


With our CRM, analytics, and data integrity expertise, you gain the power to build stronger customer relationships and drive sustainable growth.

See real-time trends and activations with ProLeaper support
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